HSM Certificate Authority


PDF The CSG™ uses the high security, highly scalable, large capacity, resilient nCipher Security World HSM 500 that is FIPS certified and offers the security and flexibility required by the AACD™ system.

The Secure Execution Engine Code within the FIPS hardware offers the highest integrity and protection using nCipher Trusted Computing Environment that protects application software as it is executed. Keys can only be used by signed SEE code that runs within the physical FIPS boundary. SEE secures utilization of keys in a FIPS Approved HSM and removes the risk of attack on the host machine.

The HSM uses the ‘impath’ protocol, a stronger development of existing protocols like SSL that ensure encryption of the host-HSM link and enable strong mutual authentication between systems.

The nCipher have more FIPS certificates than any other HSM vendor and nCipher ensure all versions of the CSG™ HSM receive separate FIPS certification, ensuring that each HSM component used is FIPS validated.