DSSA™ Activation

DSSA™ Activation & Management

PDF The DSSA™ is autonomous and does not accept any commands or network communications received from outside. Therefore, the only way to configure or modify any DSSA™ is by using the interface or command prompts directly on the software itself.

The DSSA™ must authenticate to the CSG™ every time it wants to communicate with the CA and using the AACD™ Control Centre, the CSG™ can enable/disable this communication and effectively control the behaviour of a specific DSSA™ Server. This simple feature can be valuable when multiple instances of DSSA™ Servers occur on a network.

The intuitive design of the AACD™ Control Centre means that the specific server’s IP Address or Fully Qualified Domain Name [FQDN] appears in a list with a simple radio button that can be checked to enable the DSSA™ communication with the CA or unchecked to disable it.