User Instructions for Apache

Apache User Instructions

PDF All instructions to the DSSA™ in the Linux® environment use command prompts. Due to the simplistic functions of the DSSA™, once installed and initialised, there are very few commands that can be executed.

Important note: There is no command prompt to renew an existing SSL on the server. DSSA™ automatically detects all existing SSLs on the server and automatically renews these unless instructed to the contrary. Therefore, by installing DSSA™ you must ensure that you want all the SSLs on the system to be renewed automatically. To disable a specific SSL, use the ‘Disable’ command (see sub section

This limited set of commands not only makes the DSSA™ simple to use, it also make the application more secure. Any attempt to send unrecognised or incorrectly constructed command prompts are simply rejected by the DSSA™. The following are the correct command prompt instructions for the main DSSA™ functions: