Configuring DSSA™

PDF Once you have received all three files as a result of completing either the DSSA™ Validation Download or the DSSA™ Open Download you should now have three files. And these are further explained below:

DSSA™ Software

This is the actual software executable that will be installed on the server that will join the AACD™ system.

AACD™ Manual

The most up to date digital version of this AACD™ manual is included in the download file for reference.

DSSA™ Configuration File

This is the Configuration File that enables the server with the DSSA™ to be validated and authenticated into the AACD™ system. Where the DSSA™ software is the same for every user, the config.txt file is unique. Using any text editor, open the config.txt file and you will see information similar to the following (this sample is for windows):

<?xml version="1.0"?>


The UID Key is highlighted in the above sample config.txt file and is an encrypted key that cannot be tampered with. Any attempts to re-engineer this key by unauthorised users will server no purpose and cannot be used to undermine the integrity of the AACD™ system.

Important Note: Before modifying any information in this config.txt file, contact the AACD™ Team for advice. Incorrect changes to this file will result in the DSSA™ malfunctioning.