Server Requirements

Choose Server Category

PDF Under the heading ‘Server Category’, there are only two options to choose from:

If your server(s) has a direct/indirect internet connection to the internet, select ‘internet connection’ otherwise select ‘no internet connection’. To understand this selection, re-read sub section 3.4.

DSSA™ Requirement

Under the heading ‘DSSA™ requirement’, there are only two options to choose from:

This is a simple but important selection because it will determine if the DSSA™ software download will function on only a single server or if it will be required to function on many servers. If you only intend using DSSA™ on a single server, regardless of how many virtual web servers are on that server or how many SSLs it will use, then select ‘Single-Server’.
If however, you may choose to install the DSSA™ on more than one server, you must select the ‘Multi-Server’ option for the software to function correctly.