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Digi-Access™ Service - Case Study


PDF Norwich Union, Allianz, AXA, Fortis, Legal & General, Royal & Sun Alliance, KGM, NIG and Provident are just some of the household names using this online service.

InsureLink is an online insurance portal that enables insurers to distribute new and amended products to brokers seamlessly and in real time. Insurers can create products and adjust prices as often as required via a single path to market and are free from the constraints of traditional systems where delays in getting products to market exist.

The insurers now have complete control from their desktop, enabling them to directly control rate testing, switching rates on and off, providing different brokers with different products and which brokers they want to trade with. The speed of delivery and security has been dramatically improved, allowing immediate delivery of products to market and access to participating brokers.

The result is lower distribution costs, reduction in data keying, access to more business information and more time to set rates based on current market conditions.

Specific Security Management

      This Insurecom system is an example of a business-to-business e-commerce system that not only required a secure access security system, but a system that could be easily integrated into their existing environment.

After three years of working with Digital Certificates, Insurecom was not satisfied with the service or supply from the Traditional Certificate Authority [CA] system they had been using for Certificates. The vendor was slow to react to support queries and the management interface was antiquated. They needed a new CA system.

Digi-Access™ Service was the solution that met all of their requirements. It also had a simple procedure for moving the Certificate users from the old Traditional CA system to the newer Digi-CA™ Service system.

Simple Migration

      With literally hundreds of users accessing the system every day, without Digi-Sign, replacing the Traditional CA could have been a difficult task.

Digi-CA™ Service easily overcame all migration obstacles with its ‘auto migration’ engine. This engine provides for complete migration in a simple process that is seamless to the end user and requires minimal resources from the organization operating the Traditional CA that is to be replaced.

Traditional CAs can be migrated to Digi-CA™ in several ways:

          1. Export & Import
          2. Renewal Change Over
          3. Revokation & Reissue

1. Export& Import

          By exporting all of the Digital Certificate data, and user information, from the Traditional CA, this data can be imported directly into the Digi-CA™ Service system. By doing this, the Traditional CA can be shut down immediately because Digi-CA™ is capable of managing multiple Certificates, regardless of the original vendor. There is no loss of service and the total environment continues to operate without interruption.

2. Renewal Change Over

          Most CAs reissue Digital Certificates each year and revoke the previous year’s Certificates in the process. This Certificate Renewal Process is an ongoing component of the CA environment.

    Working with the Certificate Policy for validating users, the Digi-CA™ system simply switches the older Digital Certificate for the new Certificate during the Renewal Process. The end user experiences no interruption of use and often can be completely unaware that the Legacy CA has been replaced by the new Digi-CA™ system.

3. Revokation & Reissue

          In some cases the Traditional CA is too inflexible to use either of the previous migration methods and the simplest solution is to revoke all of the older Certificates and issue the new ones as required.

The Migration Experience

      The Renewal Change Over process was used in this Digi-CA™ Service case. Insurecom used the Certificate Renewal Process to replace the older Certificates with Digi-CA’s™ and migrated from the Legacy CA to complete the process during the course of the year.

There was no service interruption, no loss of access and no ‘down time’ in the process. The resources used in the migration were no more than had been used in the operation of the Legacy CA and the entire environment continued to operate uninterrupted.

Solution’s Day-to-Day Operation

      The Insurecom system operates more efficiently and uses less human resources than was the case with the Legacy CA.

Insurecom enjoyed the benefits of Digi-CA™ without the usual complications associated with migrating from one system to another. For Insurecom, the decision to migrate was a difficult one, but one that reaped significant rewards.

A Simple, Cost Effective Solution

      It is worth noting that in addition to the time and human resource savings afforded to Insurecom as a result of migrating from the Legacy CA to Digi-CA™, the annual subscription costs are lower too!