Digital Signatures

BITS Digi-ID™ Digital Signature
PDF Digital Certificates authenticate a person or device and can also be used to digitally sign transactions and documents. The BITS Digi-ID™ provides this digital signature in any digital instance where the user or transaction needs to be authenticated.

The BITS Digi-ID™ is an electronic seal or digital stamp that certifies that the signed data is genuine. Any attempt to change the data after the Digi-ID™ stamp has been applied will result in a clearly visible error message appearing.

Digi-ID™ offers two primary functions:

The BITS Digi-ID™ is compatible with most mainstream software and 27 different servers. So implementing and using Digi-IDs™ in most environments is a simple process.

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Digi-ID™ Setup & Activation
There are three simple steps to complete in order to get your BITS Digi-ID™ digital signatures:
Information About Digi-IDs™
Digi-ID™ Certificates are issued and managed by the Digi-CA™ Certificate Authority [CA] system. The system can be offered as a managed service (Digi-CA™ Service) from outside your organisation or as installed software (Digi-CA™ Server), depending on your requirements.

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