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E-signatures have become a popular way for companies to cut down on paper usage while being able to find more cost effective methods for reducing expenses. Instead of having to print numerous copies of a document, and then circulate it for approvals, everything is conducted electronically. You can often use your current email system for sending notifications anytime a document requires a digital signatur from someone within your organization.

Protect Your Digital Signatur with Authentication Certificates

Organizations for years have had to deal with problems associated with unauthorized access to their systems. This was further complicated when internet based applications and websites came along. Now people from outside of the organization could potentially access proprietary data by hacking into the organization’s servers and internet connected computers. Increased security was required, and using a single factor authentication method was no longer enough to keep people out. As a result, two factor authentication solutions were developed which requires a second form of authentication.

A public key infrastructure or PKI for short is used in all different types of organizations to provide added security to electronic working environments. A PKI Certificate type of setup involves using different types of authentication certificates for gaining access to different applications or for issuing electronic signatures. Whenever a user needs to access an application or sign a document, they enter their user ID, password and then it is combined with the certificate.

A PKI Certificate Has to be generated for Every User

Using certification authority on your different applications within your organization provides increased security. For instance, you can use CA with two factor authentication processes. Two factor authentications are where a user enters their user ID, password as the first factor authentication. The second factor is the CA which can be stored locally on their computer or contained on an external device, like a smart card or ID card.

Even Small Businesses Need Certification Authority Protection

A certificate authority can be used for all different types of applications within your organization. You can use this type of authority for increased security and protection when you want to prevent unauthorized access. CA can be applied to SSL, two factor authentication, cloud computing security, digital signatures, software and code signing, and email security. In order to access these different types of applications or sign documents electronically the user must have the right type of CA.

You Can Use a Certificate Authority with Cloud Computing Environments

The use of an e signature can help reduce the amount of time is needed to complete signatures on important documents. Instead of having to print each document, obtain the necessary signatures and then route it to the requesting party, the entire process is conducted electronically. Often notifications are sent through your email that documents need to be signed. Once you open the document, you are able to sign it and save an updated version complete with your signature. You then can email the signed document as an attachment to the person, who requested your signature.

Depending upon the security measures utilized by your organization, you will find that you may need to have one user ID and password to gain access to your computer. After logging into your computer, you may be required to use another user ID and password to access your email. You may even need other user IDs and passwords to gain access to the internet and open different applications on your computer or access network servers. Remembering all of your user IDs and passwords can become an issue, which is easily resolved by using a single sign on solution.

In the past getting paper documents signed by the appropriate people could take days, or even weeks. This caused business transactions to take much longer to complete as contracts and agreements had to be completed. Today, however, advances in technology have been developed to allow people to use a digital signature on all sorts of legal documents and contracts. Instead of needing a physical signature on a hard copy, an electronic digital version can be used in its place.

Using a Digital Signature Requires Using Security Measures

A digital certificate is used for all different types of electronic documents which require electronic signatures. The electronic signatures can be used both internally at an organization and for external transactions. What make the signature unique is that a special public key is attached to the signature. This public key is often broken into two different parts, where one part of the signature is stored locally on the user’s computer and the other part held on a server or website. The two parts are combined when the user signs an electronic document.