CWA 15580

Compliance with EU Directive on eInvoice Storage

PDF In compliance with CWA 15580 Digi-Bill™ complies with 2001/115/EC, CWA 15579, CWA 15581 and CWA 15582.

According to the EU Council Directive 2001/115/EC [2] “regarding the storage of Invoices, every taxable person shall ensure that copies of invoices issued by himself, by his customer or, in his name and on his behalf, by a third party, and all the invoices which he has received, are stored”. This could be guaranteed “The authenticity of the origin and integrity of the content of the invoices, as well as their readability, must be guaranteed throughout the storage period. With regard to invoices that are not sent under either an advanced electronic signature, or by EDI (i.e. the “third option” – “by other electronic means”), the information they contain may not be altered and must remain legible throughout the aforementioned period”.

In compliance with CWA 15580, the Digi-Bill™ uses the required advanced electronic signature and timestamp and also ensures that: