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Digi-Access™ Control Centre

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 Digi-ID - 1 year(s) 503 195 4 1

Digi-ID™ Invitation

To invite a single user to apply for a Digi-ID™ Certificate, complete the following form:

First Name
Last Name
Email address

Log this invitation?  

Select this option if you wish to leave a log trace for the invitation email in your
Digi-CA™ System.
Return Digi-ID™ to Administrator 

Select this option if you install Digi-IDs™ on behalf of the End User on SmartCards [Digi-Cards™], USB tokens [Digi-Tokens™], or other hardware media.


To view your Digi-ID™ Application Form, click here or copy the following URL and paste it into your Microsoft Internet Explorer address bar:

  To invite a large number of users at one time, you can use a batch upload option, using a *.CSV file.

To dowload an example of a *.CSV batch file, click here.


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          Certificate Authority [CA]

   This page explained

This is the Digi-CA™ Digi-ID™ page. If you want to incorporate a customised Digi-ID™ enrolment page into your corporate web site, extranet or intranet (see link above) the Administrator will approve all requests prior to issue.


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