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Digi-Code™ Control Centre

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Certificate Details
1. Select the validity period for your Certificate

1 Year
2 Years

2. Optionally, enter the Contact Email Address that you wish to appear in your Certificate:

Key Details
3. Select the CSP (Cryptographic Service Provider) you wish to use:


4. Select the Key Size:

5. Where do you wish to store your Private Key?

In the CSP
In the file:

NOTE: After completing this signup process, we strongly advise you to backup your Private Key, because your Certificate is useless without it!

Key Generation
6. When you click the button below, you will see one or more "Potential Scripting Violation" popups. Click "Yes" to each one.

NOTE: If you are saving your Private Key to a .PVK file, you will also be asked to enter a "Private Key Password". It is vital that you remember this Password, because your Private Key cannot be used without it!



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          Certificate Authority [CA]

   This page explained

This is the Digi-CA™ Digi-ID™ page. If you want to incorporate a customised Digi-ID™ enrolment page into your corporate web site, extranet or intranet (see link above) the Administrator will approve all requests prior to issue.


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