Certificate Services Gateway

PDF The Certificate Authority [CA] is modified to provide the SSL Certificates whenever an authenticated requested is received through the Certificate Services Gateway [CSG™]. The modified CA also provides the Unique Identification [UID] key that is used to authenticate the DSSA™ so that it can join server to the Digi-CA™ with AACD™ is an example of a modified Trusted CA.

Certificate Services Gateway [CSG™]

The Certificate Services Gateway™ [CSG™] acts as the ‘Trusted Third Party’ (a well known concept in the Digital Certificate industry) between your server and the CA Certificate provider. It acts in a unique way to securely authenticate your server to the CA, automatically. Where your Administrator is currently the ‘point of contact’ between the server and the CA, the CSG™ will fill this role once AACD™ is implemented.

The CSG™ uses a Hardware Security Module [HSM] and high grade military encryption and authentication technology are combined within the AACD™ system so that once the DSSA™ software is installed successfully, the Trust Triangle is created automatically and without further intervention of the Administrator.

The default configuration of the CSG™ has an inherent trusted relationship with the CA because it is installed at the CA site. In the larger environment, the CSG™ is installed on your network and a unique connection is made directly with the CA. In either case, the security and integrity of the CA/CSG™ relationship is established before any server is added to the Trust Triangle.

The CSG™ serves two main functions in that it authenticates any device to the CA and can also be used to scan the network for any SSLs installed on it.