Digi-Seal™ for Digi-ID™

Using Digital Signatures On Line
Once your end users have received a Digi-ID™ Certificate from the Control Centre Administrator, they can use it to sign files, documents and on line transactions.

For on line, or browser based, transactions the Digi-Seal™ thin client applet is automatically downloaded to the browser. This is a 'one time only' action and occurs seamlessly without any involvement of the end user.

Once the Digi-Seal™ applet is installed, when a user wishes sign a transaction or file, on clicking the Submit button in the browser, Digi-Seal™ will request them to sign it.

There is a total of four options with Digi-Seal™:

How it Works
Digi-Seal™ provides two separate pairs of javascripts that your web site designers will place on each form so that the functions will work correctly. Whenever any of the buttons on the forms are selected, the Digi-Seal™ applet will automatically select the correct certificate for the specific user and digitally sign the file before submitting the form.

If encryption is required, the second pair of javascripts will ask the user to confirm what users public key should be used to encrypt the data and once selected, only that user can decrypt the information submitted.

Using Digi-Seal™ to Sign
The user simply clicks the ‘Apply My Signature’ button on the form and the Digi-Seal™ applet pops up to allow them to select the Certificate they want to use to sign the form.
Using Digi-Seal™ to Encrypt
When the user want to encrypt or decrypt a form, a different pair of Digi-Seal™ javascripts are used.

This time, the user clicks the ‘Encrypt This Form’ button and is offered the available public keys of users from the user database for the on line system (hence the need for a second java applet and set of scripts to communicate with the database of users and to provide their public keys).

Using Digi-Seal™ to Decrypt
To decrypt =form data, the user simply clicks the ‘Decrypt this Form’ button and the Digi-Seal™ applet will automatically select the users private key from the Key Store in the MS Browser and decrypt the form data.
Using Digi-Seal™ to Verify
To check the signature on a form, the user clicks the ‘Verify Signature’ button on the form and the Digi-Seal™ pop up shows the details of the digital signature used, the date, time and other details.