Digi-Sign Agents

As an Agent you will have your own Account Manager that will support every aspect of your pre-sales and post sales requirements. After signing the Letter of Intent, you will share in the revenue from all sales that you generate.

As an Agent, once your application form has been processed, you will enjoy the full technical support and resources of the Digi-CAST1™ sales and pre-sales advisory team. This specialist team can assist you in the all important pre-sales technical support that will ease the sales process.

Unlike a Reseller, the relationship is Digi-Sign and the customer. Your only role is in enabling the sales process and maintaining post sales relations, as required, afterwards.

In addition you can guarantee your customers that on single Certificate sales, they will each be issued within a maximum of 4 hours. And we will provide your customers with replacement Certificates free of charge too.

Finally, as an Agent, you will have a one user license for free access to the entire KnowledgeBase (value € 4,995) immediately after your first sale.