Digi-Sign Resellers

As a Reseller you will have your own Account Manager that will support every aspect of your pre-sales and post sales requirements. After signing the Reseller Contract, you will share in the revenue from all the sales you generate. This revenue share is at a higher rate than the Agent rate because you also act as the first point of contact on all support cases.

As a Reseller, once your application form has been processed, you will enjoy the full technical support and resources of the Digi-CAST1™ sales and pre-sales advisory team. This specialist team can assist you in the all important pre-sales technical support that will ease the sales process.

As a Reseller, the relationship is between you and your customer. This includes all of the sales and support related activities and Digi-Sign only contacts the customer at your request. This means you control all of the transactions and contribute or direct us as appropriate.

In addition you can guarantee your customers that on single Certificate sales, they will each be issued within a maximum of 4 hours. And we will provide your customers with replacement Certificates free of charge too.

Finally, as a Reseller, you will have a one user license for free access to the entire KnowledgeBase (value € 4,995) immediately after your first sale.

A True & Comprehensive Partnership
The Digi-Trust™ Programme is the comprehensive Partner Programme that encompasses all aspects of your relationship with your customers. This includes sales lead generation, qualification and selection, and continues into the project and system delivery, support and customer care.

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Becoming a Reseller for Digi-Sign involves signing the Reseller Contract that is issued after your application form has been processed. There is no up front financial commitment and as a Reseller you are permitted to o combine our products, systems and services with your own offerings to your customers.

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