Privacy Data Systems USA

Privacy Data Systems cuts traditional email platforms servers out of the communication equation. As an alternative, communications are secure in motion and at rest. Messages and attachments are encypted while in motion on a secure messaging pathway as well as while at rest in their secure storage vault.

Easy to use and cost efficient. No IT investments needed. Sending an ePackage is as easy as sending a regular email. Robust tracking let's you know exactly when your message is received and when attachments are downloaded or viewed - it's FedEx style tracking for your confidential communications.

Privacy Data let's you send files of virtually any size quickly and easily and you can exchange large files too. In partnering with Digi-Sign, usrs can complete transactions online quickly and safely with Digi-ID™ digital signature using the SignaturePlus feature, instead of taking the time and paper to print, sign, scan and send a document you can sign online easily.

As a member of the Affiliates, Resellers & Partners [ARP] Network on an exclusive basis for the use of our technology for all their Public Key Infrastructure [PKI] and Certificate Authority [CA] solutions, we work closely with Privacy Data to deliver a single, seamless solution to our combined customers.