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If you are running a business that uses a multitude of different programs that all require users to create and use a new username and password for each application, you are likely to find that your staff is wasting an inordinate amount of time trying to remember all of the various usernames and passwords and then the time needed to log into them all. Single sign on authentication can reduce this wasted time significantly.

In the most basic terms possible single sign on authentication or SSO is designed to give a person the ability to sign into multiple applications located within the same enterprise with a single user name and password. While this can be a very useful process, as with any secured log in that only requires a simple user name password combination to grant access, it is considered to be relatively insecure in the greater scheme of things.

As you use the web to perform a vast number of confidential transactions, many of the web sites you visit are using a digital certificate system as a way to verify that you are who you say you are. This digital certificate that is issued to you will be compared to the root certificate that they maintain at their home site.

In essence a PKI certificate is a way to protect your public keys in your digital signature or digital certificate. These certificates are used as a way to validate public cryptographic keys when the time comes for the public keys to be renewed. The PKI certificate is typically issued by the same Certificate Authority that issues your digital certificate and allows you to merge your digital signature with a public key and where necessary a personal identifier such as your real name.

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The development of the e signature has had a major impact on the way we do business today. One of the biggest causes of delays in getting contracts signed when the signatories are not located close enough to each other to meet in person, has been the time it takes to mail the contract back and forth for each party to sign it.

When you are running an online retail site you need to be able to offer your customers proof that all of their personal information and credit card data is fully protected at all points during and after their transaction is completed. The best way to do this is by using a certification authority that can provide you with a digital certificate and the highest level of data encryption.

While you might think that using a single factor standard authentication system is going to be good enough to protect your customers accounts, the simple fact is that even a low level hacker can break through this type of protection in a matter of minutes. At Digi-Sign our UK VPN is designed to make your files and database virtually impregnable by using a two factor authentication system.

In the modern world we rely on the web for just about everything including every conceivable type of account that is loaded with personal information. In the early days it was considered to be relatively safe to rely on nothing more than a user name and password to verify credentials and grant account access. Today this is no longer the case and many companies are now turning to a two factor authentication system using an RSA token to provide the extra layer of authentication.

These days you cannot be too careful when it comes to online security and protecting your clients' accounts. Where once the use of nothing but a username and password were more than enough to secure an online account, these are readily hackable as most people use easy to remember information. By adding another identifier to the mix you are creating a two factor authentication system that is virtually impossible to hack.