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When you need a higher level of security for your messages or your data as you send it across the web, you should consider using public key cryptography to keep your messages safe from prying eyes. With this type of encryption two separate and very distinct keys are used. The first one is called the public key and is used to encrypt the message. The other one is the private key and is used to decrypt the message when it reaches the other end.

A digital certificate, which is also referred to as a public key certificate or an identity certificate, is simply an electronic document that uses a digital signature to connect a public key to an identity like the name of a person or corporation and other information. The information that is on a digital certificate includes a unique serial number, a subject, an algorithm used to generate a signature, the name of the issuer of the certificate, the valid dates including the expiration, the public key and more.

A PKI Certificate Authority system can be custom designed by you from Digi-Sign. Your needs are different than other corporation’s needs, as what you need is based upon the size of your company and the knowledge level your employees possess when it comes to dealing with PKI certificate authority systems.

An electronic signature, also referred to as an e-signature, in the broadest sense verifies that content that has been delivered electronically has really been written by whoever claims to have written something. In an age where so much of our lives and our businesses take place over computers and the internet, many people are looking for ways to be sure that their information is secure, as well as looking for ways to ensure what they are seeing is authentic.

What is Certification Authority?
Your organization may be interested in obtaining certification authority. Digi-CA is a system that can provide small or large companies with certification authority. With Digi-CA, a variety of digital certificates and digital signatures can be issued. As a certification authority, your organization can issue digital certificates. A certification authority acts as a trusted third party to ensure that signatures and assertions made by the first party can be trusted as certified by the second party.
Choose Digi-Sign for Certification Authority

As most processes within corporations become computerized and digitized, business dealings are happening faster and costing less. Use of a digital signature, or electronic signature, helps businesses save paperwork and the time it takes to get signatures on paperwork back. A digital signature allows for important signatures and paperwork to be accessed quickly and easily by employees. With a digital signature, paperwork does not have to be sent overnight through expensive mail services, and there is very little wait time as the signature is received electronically.

This announcement confirms that 2X has joined the Digi-Sign Affiliates, Resellers & Partners [ARP] Network. This nature of this landmark agreement is that 2X will use Digi-Access™ digital certificates for securing access to more than 60,000 2X systems around the world.

iO is an independent consultancy operating from Namibia into Africa and the Middle East. Its core business focus is ensuring their customers realise Information and Communication Technology [ICT] as a strategy business enabler.

ITside solutions, consulting services and advanced technologies, offer support and more than 10 years of experience of working with electronic signatures , electronic storage, electronic billing, documentation and paperless document processes. Digital signatures are used in the lifecycle of documents, transactions and payments as a means of simplification and optimisation of the business process.

Datatek specialises in virtualization, video surveillance, IP telephony, storage systems, print management and IT security. They have the most advanced solutions in the field of IT security and use low-cost public infrastructure and strong security mechanisms to protect data (AES, 3DES, SSL) developed and implemented across complex and geographically scattered business systems using secure VPN technology based on IPSec standards and SSL protocols.