Digi-SSL™ Service

PDF You may be seeking a simple solution for getting your manually managed SSL Certificates or perhaps you have a larger and more specific set of requirements. You need many different Digital Certificates for several organizational divisions and locations. Whether your requirement is large or small, Digi-SSL Server™ easily meets your needs.

Traditionally, organizations have to wait hours or even days for SSL Certificates. Other Certificate solutions are cumbersome, labor intensive and expensive. With Digi-SSL™ Service these issues and others are completely removed.

You provide us with a list of domains that you need secured and before the Digi-SSL™ Service is activated these names are thoroughly Validated. All domain name validations are provided free-of-charge and once active, the Administrator is able to issue and revoke any Digi-SSL™ for any domain name in the system.

Ease of Migration

Digi-SSL™ Service combined with AACD™ means that there is no migration issue. Your purchase the amount of SSLs you need, install the DSSA™ software and the AACD™ system does everything else for you automatically.

AACD™ & Digi-SSL™