Two Factor Authentication

Why Two Factor Authentication is Needed
User names and passwords are one-factor authentication. For a business or government authentication, this is usually not sufficient. A second layer of protection, called two factor authentication is necessary for businesses, governments and other organizations. You have a user name and password in addition to a Digi-Access certificate. This is the preferred way to provide user access to insure safety for your server, your customers and your business information.
Where to Get Two Factor Authentication
The Digi-Sign two factor authentication is the easiest and most compatible option available. It works in front of your current system to provide protection and limit access. It works like an add on. There are several advantages to the Digi-Sign authentication process. First, it increases security and provides an audit trail. Second, it provides a second level of authentication. Third, it provides conclusive proof of online transactions. Fourthly, it increases revenue for ARP members. To find out more about this product or to order it today, visit the Digi -Sign website.