Archive Collateral

PDF The Key Ceremony Administrator ensures that every Key Ceremony and every ceremony related activity is secure and auditable. This means that there must be an unbroken evidentially path demonstrating that your Certificate system is operated in accordance with the methods and procedures described in your organization’s Certificate Practice Statement. In addition to the witnessed script, video record of key ceremonies and logging protocols provide further documentation of the CA creation process. Each of these is explained in the following sub sections:

Archive Folder

An Archive Folder must be compiled for every Key Ceremony. The folder should include the Naming Document, the witnessed Key Ceremony Script, the Key Access Component Holder Documents, the Attestation Letters and the Key Map. After the ceremony, the Archive Folder is stored in the secure storage area. This Folder and the video recording provide the primary record of all key ceremonies performed by the organization.

The Archive Folder documents the Key Ceremony and provides evidence of the secure manner in which the CA was created. The Archive Folder is divided into three parts as described in the following sub sections:

            1.Naming Document

            2.Key Map

            3.Key Access Component Holder Documents

            4.Attestation Letter