Naming Document

PDF The naming document must be completed for all new CAs. Information provided in the naming document precisely describes the CA you are creating for your own organization or for your customer. Because this document is a critical tool in the creation of the CA, it is imperative that the parameters identified in the naming document are carefully defined. The Digi-Sign’s Digi-CAST2™ Consulting Team can support the Key Ceremony Administrator and work with the customer to correctly set these parameters.

Important Note: The Key Ceremony Administrator is responsible for generating the Naming Document and ensuring that its is signed by appropriate representatives or by the customer, to whom the CA is generated for.

The naming document is a critical tool used to prepare for a Key Ceremony. With the naming document in hand, the ceremony is scheduled, the Key Ceremony Script is written and the ceremony attendees are decided upon. The naming document consists of four sections and space for the customer signature (see Appendix II: Preset Certificate Specification template). The information in each section differs, depending on the CA type and unique customer specifications. The typical two types of CAs you create in key ceremonies are:

Elements of the naming document are different for each of these CAs. These differences are summarized in the following table: