A Certificate Authority Is Sometimes Called a PKI System

A certificate authority (CA) system may sometimes also be referred to as a PKI system. This is because a CA system creates digital certificates that are designed to be used for processes and applications where public key infrastructure (PKI) is involved. For example, any time you connect over the internet, you are making a connection over a publicly shared network, which is not a secure environment, nor is your connection secure. In order to create security over the internet, as well as with your connection, you need to use digital certificates created with a CA or PKI system. These certificates provide different functions, such as SSL and two factor authentication over VPNs.

Organizations Have Options for Obtaining a Certificate Authority System

Obtaining your own certificate authority (CA) system is possible with one of three different options. Depending upon your needs, requirements and budgetary consideration, you have the ability to choose from a managed service, CA software or shared CA solution. A managed CA service provides you the ability to have a third party, like us, take care of all of the system administration required with a CA system. The only thing your system administrator will need to do is operate the RA management console for operating registration authorities and managing your certificates. CA software allows more flexibility because you essentially own, manage, operate and maintain the entire CA system in-house. A shared CA solution combines the features of both a managed solution and a software solution. In this setup, your CA system is hosted offsite, and you set the level of system administration you want us to perform.