Digital Signature Solutions Help Organizations Eliminate Paper

Implementing a digital signature solution within your organization allows you to cut down on the amount of paper required to complete transactions. In place of filling out paper forms for purchase requisitions, authorizing employee time cards and other processes requiring signature authority, they could all be completed electronically. This is because the electronic signature is embedded into a digital certificate that is designed to encrypt documents and forms once signed. Signed data can be shared through designated network folder areas, though cloud environments online, and may also be attached in email messages and routed to the appropriate people.

Replace Transactions Requiring a Signature Witness with Digital Signature Solutions

A digital signature solution can also be used to replace transactions which normally require witnesses. Because the digital certificate containing the signature is unique and encrypted, users are able to securely and safely sign any type of form, file, document, or other item. Your digital certificate contains a private key that uses a numerical sequence to encrypt the signature to prevent unauthorized access to the data, as well as hacking. Reviewers will require a digital certificate with your public key in order to confirm authenticity of the signed data. The public key uses a numerical sequence, as well, in order to validate and open the data. The numeric result of both the private key and public key must match. However, the process used to arrive at the result is different from the one used with your private key. This makes it difficult for unauthorized users to duplicate the numerical sequence in the public key, or attempt to use a different public key with your securely signed data.