Eliminate Delays and Improve Approval Times with Digital E Signature Processes

An E signature can help simplify obtaining signatures on documents and other such forms. For instance, your company may currently write up purchase requisitions on paper forms and have an employee take care of routing them throughout the business in order to obtain the necessary approvals. Conducting your business in this manner often results in delays as the requisitions have to pass through several people before they are returned. Additional delays could be experienced if one of the approvers is out of the office on business, or away on vacation. However, these delays are able to be eliminated, and approval times are able to be increased, by converting your paper-based approval processes into digital purchase requisitions using electronic digital signatures.

A Digital E Signature Provides Additional Security and Encryption

A digital E signature is a type of electronic signature that has been digitally enhanced in order to provide added security and encryption. In order to allow for encryption, the signature must be made part of a digital certificate created using a certificate authority system. Once the electronic form has been signed, it can be attached in email, automatically routed to the next approver, or saved to a shared file location, depending upon the methods used by your company. In cases where multiple approvers are needed on the same document, each approver must also have the digital certificate of the other approvers which contain their public keys. The public keys are necessary in order to decrypt the document, open it and attach their digital signature.