Use an RSA Token to Limit and Control Access to Your Resources

Using an RSA token is ideal for organizations that want to limit and control access in shared work environments. In this type of setup, you install different digital certificates directly onto a portable device, such as a smart card or USB jump drive. You are able to decide how to implement this solution depending upon your operation. For instance, you may allow your employees to log into workstations using their supplied user name and password and have the operating system create a unique profile for each user accessing the computer. You can limit the resources they connect to when first logging into the computer. You might allow them access to local applications, email and network printers. However, in order to connect on online file areas, databases, and other more sensitive resources, you could require them to provide the right token contained on their portable device.

An RSA Token Can Contain Different Digital Certificates

The types of digital certificates you load onto an RSA token device depends upon how the certificate is going to be used. For example, in two factor authentication environments, users require a digital certificate in order to perform the second layer of authentication. You could also place a digital certificate with the employee’s digital signature onto the token device. This kind of digital certificate would be used to digitally sign documents, data, files, and other such items that require a secure signature. Other digital certificates you can load onto the device might include ones used when connecting remotely over your VPN or for accessing cloud environments.