Organizations Have Three Options for Obtaining a Certificate Authority System

There are three different options for obtaining your own certificate authority (CA) system. You need to take the time to evaluate all three of these choices in order to help you choose a CA system that will fit with your organization’s needs, requirements and budget. Two choices are considered traditional CA systems, because for a long time these were the only two options available on the market. The first one is a managed CA solution offered as a service. This is similar to the web hosting and cloud hosting your organization may already use. You have complete access to the CA system to create digital certificates, but the system is managed offsite by the provider. The second traditional option available is CA software you install directly onto your own server to set up your own in-house CA system.

The third option on the market today you can select when you want your own certificate authority system is our own shared CA solution. This solution allows you to use a combination of dedicated, hosted and shared methods to give you a flexible and very useful option to being able to create your own digital certificates. Our shared CA solution has been utilized by many organizations that had budgetary constraints not allowing them the ability to afford one of the other two traditional CA system solutions. Further, organizations gain benefits, including reduced system administration, transparent pricing, and the ability to make easy customizations to fit their own needs, by taking advantage of our CA shared option.