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PKI Certificate Authority System

This flexible, low cost, customisable system offers more than any alternative PKI or Certificate Authority system in the market. Used by   small,    medium and larger organisations, businesses & governments, around the world. Read more

Digi-CA™ Flash Presentation

Digital Signatures for Forms & Files

With Digi-Seal™ any business form can be signed online. So too, file uploads can also be digitally signed.

This ingenious applet works with any existing online form system you have and can be operational in a matter of hours. Think of the time and cost savings of making all your paper forms electronic. Then consider using Digi-Seal™. Read more

Digi-Seal™ Online Demonstration

For all Government Agencies, Digi-CA™ delivers National PKI for ID cards, e Passport and any other e Government service where electronic signatures are required. Available directly, or through our network of partners and agents.
Digi-CA™ provides secure email certificates for any sized organisation. It can also be used to digitally sign documents and forms as part of a workflow or other process. And also offers two factor authentication for online banking and many other types of web based services.
The Digi-CAST™ methodology ensures compliance with all recognised industry standards (ISO 27001, FFIEC, HIPAA, etc) and the EU legislation on Qualified Certificates.