2FA Helps Organizations Increase Security over Electronic Connections

Two factor authentication or 2FA is a specific type of authentication method used to increase security over a variety of connections. This kind of authentication can be used over the internet, with your VPN, for cloud environments, over your extranet, and over you network. When users lack the correct credentials for establishing a connection access is denied. As a result you are able to prevent unauthorized access to your company’s electronic resources and data.

You Have Several Options to Supply Users with Digital Certificates Required for 2FA

You can provide your users with the necessary digital certificate in various ways in order to enable 2FA. High security operations will often place the digital certificate directly onto their employees’ ID cards or place them onto a portable digital token device. In order to connect to resources from computer terminals within your facility, the users must supply the correct digital certificate from their ID card or portable device. Another option used by businesses to keep data safe for less sensitive operations is to install the digital certificate directly onto the users’ computers.