There Are Benefits to Using Single Sign on Authentication

Some organizations decide to use single sign on authentication in order to take advantage of the benefits this method provides. Since users only have to remember one user name and password it helps reduce the number of help desk support calls about needing passwords and user names reset. It also helps increase productivity as users do not have to worry about reentering their user name and password each time they open a new application or connect to a new resource.

Be Aware of the Potential Security Issues When Using Single Sign on Authentication

Even though there are benefits, organizations need to also be aware of the drawbacks to using single sign on authentication. The main concern has to do with the security this method provides to your corporate resources. There are steps your organization can take to help improve security, such as having workstations automatically lock after a short period of inactivity. You are also able to use SSL to ensure connections made over unsecure networks are encrypted and your data is protected.