Organizations Can Speed up Approval Times by Using Electronic Signature Methods

In the past, organizations would have to circulate paper documents from one person to another to obtain the necessary signatures. This was rather time consuming, especially if someone was out of the office or the forms had to be mailed to a different location. As a result organizations looked for new ways and methods in order to cut down on the turnaround times while still being able to obtain the necessary signatures. One solution utilized is the use of electronic signature methods for documents and data requiring signature authority.

A Digital Signature Is More Secure than an Electronic Signature

There is a difference between a generic electronic signature and a digital signature. While both types are electronic methods for signing documents, they do not both provide the same level of security. With generic e-signatures there is often little, if any security. This means anyone has the ability to enter in or attach the signature to forms and data. On the other hand, a digital signature enables the necessary security. Only the user can attach the signature as it is contained in a digital certificate which they alone are able to access and use.