Implement a Digital Signature Solution as Part of a Green Initiative

Organizations for years have heard the saying to go green and to do their part for the environment. There are a variety of different ways in which a company can help cut down on the natural resources they use for their day to day business operations. One viable solution is to cut down a paper and ink usage by using a digital signature solution. This type of solution allows a company to conduct business and complete important transactions electronically, all without the use of paper.

A Digital Signature Is a Secure Electronic Method for Signing Financial Documents

A digital signature is slightly different from an electronic signature because it is encrypted and secure. Users are able to attach their signature to payroll request, contracts, purchase orders and other important financial documents, as well as a variety of other data types. Once the signature is attached, the document is encrypted and locked. The only way to decrypt and open the document is by using a supplied digital certificate which contains the public key needed to access the document.