Make Sure a Certification Authority System Creates Trusted Certificates

A certification authority system has to be recognized and trusted in order for the digital certificates to function correctly. When evaluating different CA systems for use for your business you need to verify the certificates being generated meet these requirements. If you were to issue certificates that were not trusted or recognized, users would receive error messages and warnings every time they used the certificates to gain access to resources. While this might be a minor issue for internal operations, it may create problems whenever certificates are shared with other people outside of your company.

A Certification Authority System Is Used to Create All Kinds of Digital Certificates

All digital certificates are created using a certification authority system. The actual purpose of the digital certificates can and does vary based upon how you will be using them for your business. For instance, you could have some digital certificates used for digitally signing electronic data, other certificates used to connect through your virtual private network and still others used for two factor authentication. The different types of certificates you use often depends on your business needs and requirements.