Use Public Key Cryptography to Secure Electronic Data Sent Over Public Networks

Public key cryptography is a special type of data format used to secure electronic data sent over public networks including the internet. This kind of format may use electronic digital certificates as well as SSL certificates in order to establish a secure connection. There are slight differences in how a digital certificate and a SSL certificate perform, but both provide a safe and secure option for transmitting sensitive data over a public electronic connection.

You Have Options for Storing Certificates Used for Public Key Cryptography

There are a few different options available for storing your digital certificates and SSL certificates used for public key cryptography. You can issue the certificates and install them locally onto each of your users’ computers. This option is ideal for situations where each employee has their own company assigned computer. Another option is to install the certificates onto a portable USB jump drive or smart card. Your users will have to insert the jump drive or scan their smart card through a reader in order to use their digital certificates. This setup is well suited for situations where multiple users share the same computers.