Certification Authority Systems Allow Organizations to Accomplish a Variety of Processes

Creating digital certificates for a variety of purposes and applications is possible when you have a certification authority system. Organizations of all sizes rely on digital certificates to accomplish different processes on a daily basis. For instance, your boss could use a digital certificate whenever they approve your time sheet electronically. The time sheet is encrypted and protected so it cannot be altered once it is approved. The payroll department is able to open, view and authenticate the time sheets using a supplied public key in a different digital certificate.

A Certification Authority System Is Able to Authenticate Computers Connecting Remotely

Anytime you are connecting remotely from your laptop to your work computer through your internet provider a trust has to be established between the two machines. In order to verify your identity a certification authority (CA) system is frequently used. While you are establishing the connection between the two machines, in the background the CA system is performing authentication processes on each computer. The CA system even has the ability to share public keys contained in digital certificates between the computers.