A Root Certificate Is a Key Component Found in Digital Certificates

A vital part of any digital certificate is the root certificate. This key component is created anytime a digital certificate is created using a certificate authority system. The root is responsible for controlling how the digital certificate functions and operates whenever it is call upon during various processes. For example, if you were using two factor authentication, once the certificate is selected, the root verifies your authenticity and allows you to establish your connection to the resource.

Functions Digital Certificates Perform Are Controlled by the Root Certificate

The root certificate can contain different types of data and information based upon what functions the certificate is meant to perform. If the certificate is being used to digitally sign documents using either a digital signature or qualified signature, the root will be able to call the actions needed to encrypt the data being signed. Once the data is received by another person, the root in their certificate is able to perform the necessary authentication and decrypt the data.