Companies Can Use a PKI Certificate to Verify the Identity of Employees Working Remotely

A PKI certificate is just one type of digital certificate created using a certificate authority system. This kind of digital certificate can be used to establish secure connections anytime you communicate over public networks. You may need to supply this certificate whenever you are working remotely and wish to connect to work servers through your organization’s virtual private network. The certificate performs authentication processes to verify your identity and grant access to corporate resources.

PKI Certificate Solutions Require Organizations to Conduct Certificate Maintenance

Organizations that use PKI certificate solutions for their daily operations should make sure to perform regular certificate maintenance. Employees come and go on a regular basis and their certificates could still be valid on corporate supplied computers. You may even allow employees to connect to work resources from home using their personal computers. As a result there are probably digital certificates installed on those machines as well. Regular maintenance gives you the ability to update certificates and expire any of them you no longer want to be active.