Some Organizations Use Single Sign on Authentication for Granting Access to Resources

Single sign on authentication is one method organizations may use to allow access to specific resources. Using this type of authentication requires your employees to only enter their user name and password a single time. After the initial entry, their log on data is stored locally on their computer. Whenever they connect to another resource requiring authentication, their computer automatically performs the process in the background without prompting them to reenter the log on data again.

You Can Supplement Single Sign on Methods to Increase Security

Using single sign on authentication methods by themselves does not offer a high level of security. Anyone with access to the computer is able to use another employee’s terminal to gain access to resources they might otherwise not be authorized to use. There are ways to reduce the likelihood of this issue occurring in your workplace. You could supplement single sign on process with a second authentication method such as requiring your employees to provide a SSL server certificate or enabling two factor authentication processes.