PKI Is Used by Organizations Which Use Digital Signatures

Using digital signatures relies on using PKI in order to perform authentication processes. Using public key infrastructure requires providing your employees with a set of digital certificates. One certificate contains their digital signature along with a private key. The other certificate contains similar information but in place of the private key there is a public key. The public key is needed in order to decrypt and authenticate signed data sent to other people. This certificate is meant to be shared with those that receive digitally signed data.

You Can Control Access to Online Resources by Using Digital Certificates Along with PKI

PKI can also be used to authenticate employees who connect to online resources, such as the internet or your cloud environment. In order to control access to these types of resources you must issue each user a digital certificate containing the necessary authentication data. Whenever the employee connects to the resource they are prompted to supply the certificate along with their user name and password. Once this is supplied, public key infrastructure performs authentication by comparing the data in the certificate against your certificate authority or a digital certificate contained on your servers.