Various Methods Are Used to Create an Electronic Signature

Creating an electronic signature is accomplished using various methods and techniques. Signatures that are part of a template, like a word processing document or email, are not always secure. Signatures which are made using a certificate authority system and embedded into a digital certificate are secure. These kinds of signatures can be used to safely sign a variety of data types. They also replace processes requiring authentication, like with witnesses, because people who receive signed documents are able to perform authentication processes on the electronic document.

How to Check to See If an Electronic Signature Is Secure

It is important to be able to distinguish between secure electronic signatures and unsecure signatures. One way to tell the difference is whether you are able to open and verify the signature within the file with a digital certificate. If you are able to open the file, document or other data type without using a digital certificate, it may be unsecure. Another test you can perform is to see if you are able to modify or alter the signature or the contents of the document. If you are able to make modifications, then the file and signature are not necessarily secure. On the other hand, anytime you require a digital certificate to open the file, the signature could be considered secure.