A Qualified Signature Is a Digital Signature Used in the European Union

A digital signature can sometimes be referred to as a qualified signature whenever it is used outside of the United States. Business which operate in the European Union are able to use an EU qualified signature to sign documents, files and other data types for legally binding transactions. Using this method is in accordance with Article 11 of Directive 1999/93/EC. When implementing a qualified signature solution within your organization in the European Union, you will want to verify the issuer you select complies with all EU regulations and is formally acknowledged as an issuer of EU qualified certificates.

Global Businesses May Need both Qualified and Digital Signature Solutions

Businesses that operate on a global scale may need to use both digital signature and qualified signature solutions. In order to conduct business with other companies within the European Union, transactions will have to be completed using qualified signatures. Without this type of solution in place, you would have to rely upon paper-based methods, which could involve travel expenses to complete important business transactions.