Automate Purchase Requisition Approvals by Using a Digital Signatur

Instead of having to get purchase requisitions signed by various people, you can automate approval processes electronically. The request for signature could be sent through email with the attached file or document. Once it is signed, you might configure your system set up to route it to the next person on the approval list. Since each signer is using a digital signatur, the data is encrypted and kept safe. You are also able to verify authenticity of the signed document once it is returned.

Reduce Business Expenses and Become Environmentally Friendly with a Digital Signatur

Organizations that are looking for ways to cut down on expenses could implement solutions using a digital signatur. Electronically signing documents, files and other data types with electronic signatures helps cut down on paper usage, postage and travel related expenses. In addition, this method also helps businesses operate using more green-friendly processes since transactions are completed electronically and not printed on paper.