Use a Certificate Authority System to Convert an E Signature into a Digital Signature

You can convert your existing e signature into a digital or qualified signature by using a certificate authority system and embedding the signature into a digital certificate. By converting the signature into one of these two forms, you are able to increase the security of the signature. This will prevent others from being able to alter, modify or change the signature once it has been attached to a file, form, document or other data type.

To Authenticate an E Signature a Matching Private and Public Key Are Needed

Both digital and qualified signatures are authenticated against a public and private key to ensure they are valid. The person who initially attaches the e signature encrypts it using his private key. Once it is sent to the recipient, he or she uses a digital certificate containing the signer’s matching public key. During authentication processes where the document or file is opened, both numerical sequences generated by the public and private keys must match.