Create and Maintain Secure Connections by Using an RSA Token

An RSA token is a specific type of method used in order to create and maintain secure connections over network resources and online systems within your organization. The token is frequently loaded onto a portable device such as USB memory stick, smart card, or magnetic strip on employee IDs. Anytime an employee needs to gain access to secured resources, they must provide the appropriate token for authentication purposes.

An RSA Token Is Used for Other Functions besides Authentication

Besides being used for authentication purposes, an RSA token can be used for other functions, including cloud computing environments, securing email messages, and applying digital signatures to a variety of data types. The process to using the token for these processes is similar to how you use it for authentication. You must make sure the token device is connected to the computer or workstation, and then select the correct digital certificate you want to use. For instance, when applying a digital signature to a document, you would select the certificate containing your electronic signature.