Two Factor Authentication Adds a Secure Second Layer of Protection

It is easy to make modifications to your existing processes used by your employees to gain access to resources on your network and online systems. Traditional log-on processes may not offer the level of security necessary in order to connect with certain applications. By adding two factor authentication, you are creating a second layer of strong protection which is simple to use.

Digital Certificates Are Commonly Created for Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication (2FA) often requires creating digital certificates with the necessary data. Embedded within the certificate should be the proper credentials required for users to gain access to online systems and other network resources. Once created, the certificates can be stored locally on each user’s computer or placed onto a portable device whenever your employees share computers. When an employee attempts to access a resource where 2FA is in place, they will be prompted to supply their certificate for authentication, first, before being prompted for their user name and password.