Organizations Use Methods Involving Public Key Cryptography to Enable Secure Connections

Many people automatically assume connecting over the internet provides a secure connection. However, this is not the case, because the internet is a public network. Without any security measures in place, your computer and data are at risk. As a result, numerous organizations use various methods involving public key cryptography, including SSL and two factor authentication, to create secure connections over the internet.

A Certificate Authority System Creates Certificates to Use with Public Key Cryptography

In order to enable public key cryptography, you will need to have digital certificates created using a certificate authority system. Once your certificates are created, you can issue them to your employees by installing them directly onto their computer or on a portable device. Any time an employee wants to connect over a public network, they must provide their certificate, which is authenticated against the certificate authority system. After authentication is established, encryption methods are utilized while data is being sent or received over the connection.