Secure Email

Digi-Mail™ Secure Email
PDF Securing your email involves not only the ability to encrypt its contents at will, but also the ability to be sure that the sender of the email is genuine.

Once an email is signed by a Digi-Mail™ Certificate, the recipient(s) can check the validity of the senders email address and authenticate the email with confidence.

Digi-Mail™ offers two primary functions:

Digi-Mail™ is compatible with most email software, so adding your digital signature to your email is simply a case of clicking the 'Digitally Sign Message'.

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Digi-Mail™ Setup & Activation
To set up secure email for all your users, using Digi-Mail™ Certificates takes a few hours. There are three simple steps:
Advice & On Line Buying Options
Digi-Mail™ Certificates are typically issued and managed by the Digi-CA™ Service Certificate Authority [CA] system. If the number of users is in excess of 100,000 users, you may wish to consider the installed software (Digi-CA™ Server), depending on your requirements.

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