Installing Digi-Access™

Activating and Installing a Digi-Access™ Certificate

Once the user Digi-Access™ application is approved by Digi-Sign Validations Department, the end user will receive an
e-mail message containing instructions on how to activate and install the Digi-Access™ certificate along with the relevant Digi-Access™ Certificate activation URL.

Once entered the URL, click the Collect your Digi-Access™ Certificate button.

Note: As the private key is stored in the Windows User Account registry container, you (or the end user) need to make sure that you are (or the end user) accessing the Digi-Access™ activation URL using the same PC Computer and Windows User Account, as was originally used to apply for the Digi-Access™ Certificate. It these items do not match, the Digi-Access™ Certificate will not be installed.

The Digi-Access™ Certificate should be now installed on your PC. You may check it by opening Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, entering Tools menu, choosing Internet Options, selecting the Contents tab and clicking the Certificates button. The Digi-Access™ Certificate should be located and shown under the Personal tab.

If you have setup the authentication rules, using the Requiring Client Certificates for Authentication configuration directive in section 2, the Digi-Access™ setup is now completed. The user may now connect to your Digi-Access™ protected web site using your web site URL with the https:// phrase typed before the web site name or using the Citrix Client Application.

Once connected to the Citrix Access Gateway, user will be asked for a Digi-Access™ Client Certificate and if the Digi-Access™ Certificate matching the rules you created is present on the user's machine, access will be granted, otherwise the user will be not allowed to access the particular website or application that is protected with Citrix Access Gateway.

For any technical information which is not included in this document, or for further technical support, contact your appliance vendor or Digi-Sign Support Department by email at or by telephone: +44 (800) 845-6718.

Thank you for your Custom!

Digi-Sign Technical Department