Lotus Notes 5 (part II)

Getting a Digi-ID™

Using S/MIME with Notes

For these instructions, I assume you already have installed a Digi-ID™ on a Windows computer using Internet Explorer and want to use that Digi-ID™ with Lotus Notes on the same computer.

There are four general steps:

    1. Export the Digi-ID™ from Windows.
    2. Import the Digi-ID™ to your Notes ID file.
    3. Make sure this certificate will be used for Internet mail from Notes.
    4. Use the Digi-ID™ as you send and receive e-mail from Notes.

This is simpler than it sounds, since the first three steps only have to be done once.

If your situation is different- exporting on a non-Windows computer for example - the basic idea is still the same.

  • To import the Digi-ID™ to your Notes ID file:

    • 1. In Notes, choose File - Tools - User ID.
      2. Enter your password when requested and click OK.
      3. Go to the More Options panel of the User ID dialog box.
      4. Click the Import Internet Certificates button.
      5. In the Specify File Containing the Internet Certificates dialog box, browse to the file you exported above, select it, and click Open.
      6. You will be asked for the password to the file. This is the password you chose above.
      7. You will see a list of several certificates that are contained in the exported Digi-ID™ file. Click Accept All.