Sun ONE 6.x

When you receive your Digi-SSL™ certificate back from Digi-Sign, it will be encrypted with your public key so that only you can decrypt it. Only by entering the correct password for your trust database, can you decrypt and install your certificate.

There are three types of certificates:

A certificate chain is a hierarchical series of certificates signed by successive certificate authorities. A CA certificate identifies a certificate authority (CA) and is used to sign certificates issued by that authority. A CA certificate can in turn be signed by the CA certificate of a parent CA, and so on, up to a Root CA.

The server will use the key-pair file password you specify to decrypt the certificate when you install it. You can either save the certificates somewhere accessible to the server, or copy them in a text format and be ready to paste them into the Install Certificate form, as described here.

Installing a Certificate

To install a certificate, perform the following steps:

1. Access either the Administration Server or the Server Manager and choose the Security tab.

    For the Server Manager you must first select the server instance from the drop-down list.

2. Click the Install Certificate link.

3. Check the type of certificate you are installing:

4. Select the Cryptographic Module from the drop-down list.

5. Enter the Key-Pair File Password.

6. Leave the a name for the certificate field blank if it is to be the only one used for this server instance, unless:

7. Select either:

8. Click OK.

9. Select either:

10. Repeat steps from point 2 to 9 for each individual certificate you received from Digi-Sign and ensure you select the correct certificate type, that you are installing. We recommend, that you install certificates in the following order:

11. For the Server Manager, click Apply, and then Restart for changes to take effect.

    The certificate is stored in the server's certificate database. The filename will be:
    -cert7.db. For example: https-serverid-hostname-cert7.db